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Touchless and Automatic Wash Bay

At Brandon's Car Wash, our expert chemists have fine-tuned our soap formulas to target the specific dirt and grime encountered on your vehicle. These custom presoaks are designed to optimize our wash process, ensuring a thorough clean every time. For added protection and shine, we apply Turtle Wax Ice for sealing and waxing. Plus, for those looking for superior durability, we offer ceramic coating as an optional upgrade.

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Wash World Razor in Action

Self-Serve Car Wash Bays

In addition to our Touchless Automatic Car Wash, we are proud to provide a range of options to suit every car owner’s needs. Our facility features three premium self-serve bays, allowing you to take control of your car’s cleaning process, and we offer four powerful vacuums to ensure your vehicle’s interior looks as good as the exterior.

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